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Benchmark Tours invite you to experience the best of South Africa's winelands

The details of the Benchmark Winelands Walks packages can be modified to suit you requirements.
From the restaurants visited for breakfast, lunch and supper, to the inclusion of various extra options
- like spa treatments, golf, cooking courses and other Benchmark Specialties - the Benchmark packages can be adjusted to make your experience as wonderful as possible.


It is important to express your particular desires in your application / booking form, to find out whether or not your 'customizations' are possible. The earlier you inform Benchmark as to these changes, the more likely they will be able to be fulfilled.

Options that can be modified include:      
  Restaurants, shopping excursions, etc      
  Inclusion of golf, spa treatments, cooking courses etc.      
  Inclusion of Benchmark Specialties...      
  The length / difficulty of the walks      
As stated, customization desires must be expressed in the booking forms, or in emails to Benchmark:
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